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February 25, 2009


So…you know how when you’re supposed to be doing something, and you force yourself to do it, you end up wanting to do anything but that thing. That’s how I feel about finishing up my Spring Forwards.

Here’s what is distracting me:
The swap package I got for my sock yarn blankie

The new spring jacket I got from H&M (the lighting is bad on this, it is actually much cuter in person)

The star-shaped earrings (and unpictured shirt and bracelet) I bought for 80s night, which I’m not even going to this week.

And the fact that my roommate is dressing up for 80s night, because she’s going. But I have to study for a test. Yuck.

So after I finish studying and working on my socks for a bit, maybe I’ll indulge myself and work on a miter square or two (OMG I LOVE MITER SQUARES! But that is a different post entirely, so maybe I’ll write it tomorrow).

And to distract you, here’s a completely gratuitous picture of me in my new jacket:

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