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November 23, 2009

Pre-Turkey Knitting!

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So, here’s a quick update on my pre-Thanksgiving knitting progress (I don’t eat turkey, but that doesn’t stop me from calling it Turkey Day!):
First, the shawl I am making for my friend Leslie. It is coming along, slowly but surely (it’s way bigger than my Ishbel though!) and I’m about to start on the lace edging. I hope to get the pattern up for sale before Christmas!

I’m really hoping to block this while I’m home for Thanksgiving, since Leslie will be able to see if I block it in my room!

Now on to-what else-socks! I’m working steadily on my Magic Mirror socks, seen here lounging on my chair:

I’ve also re-cast on my Leyburn socks in STR Mediumweight. I haven’t done a lot on them (with the other knitting going on) but here they are for posterity:

I’m working on other things too, but I haven’t made enough progress to take pictures of them/the pictures are the same from the last blog post. Anyway, here’s something funny for y’all: I knitted my friend a pair of shorts from crazy thick acrylic yarn. One of my friends knitted one leg, I knitted the other, and then I put them together to create this:

My male friend actually was good enough to wear them while we were playing a game of sardines (sort of the opposite of hide and seek) in the library. Sadly, since I finished them about five minutes before the game began (and I didn’t weave in the ends properly), they started to come apart, and he had to turn the shorts into a vest:

The funny thing is, he didn’t even get strange looks from passersby! I guess Vassar is so weird that people in knitted booty shorts fit in perfectly.

Hopefully I’ll have an FO or two next time I blog!

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