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January 26, 2011

That Darn Hole

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Remember these mittens?
I made them for my friend Kristin, who is one of my favorite knit-receivers. You could literally give her a knitted square, and she would jump for joy because you made it for her. Anyway, she loves them and wears them a lot, so she freaked when she found this the other day:
Indeed, that is a hole. I agreed to darn it up for her, even though I’ve never done that before. It wasn’t too hard, so I sewed it up pretty quickly, and now you can’t even tell there was a hole (Kristin tried to find it and could not, so that’s my reassurance).
I’m happy, she’s happy, and even more than that, I’m glad she wears the mittens enough that they are developing holes! I’m so thrilled when people actually use what I make them!

In other news, it’s snowing outside.
I had to walk through the snow to pick up a package from my mom. When I opened it up, I found this, which I can only assume she bought at Vogue Knitting Live last weekend:
In a word, my mom is awesome.

November 8, 2009

It’s been a long time

To be honest, I should have blogged earlier, but I’ve been busy. First I went to Spain and Amsterdam (you should see the handcrafting in Amsterdam! I wanted to buy a quilt sooo badly! But instead I bought some yarn) and then I came home for the craziest Halloween ever (I had a party in my dorm, visited my friend at Moravian College in PA, and then ended up at home for a night). And this week has not been calm either. So finally, I am able to sit down and recount all the knitting I have done recently (expect a lot of pictures).

First, before I left for Spain, I finished these socks:

They are the SKA September Mystery Socks (aka Fox Faces) that had to be done in yellow (Pagewood Farms Yukon). They have a Dutch heel, which is interesting but fits my heel pretty well. All in all, I was pleased with them. Raveled here.

Then, I finished my Phoebus Apollo socks in Bugga! from the Loopy Ewe sock club. Needless to say, I love the yarn, though the pattern was not stretchy enough on the leg, so I ended it early and made it shorter (also I knew the recipient would like that better). Raveled here.

Last night I finished my first Christmas/holiday/birthday in December present! It’s for my friend Katie, who is a Geology major.

It’s a trilobite! Here’s a closup:

This hat pattern was quick and not too hard to do (there was cabling and bobbles, but the chart is clear and easy to read). Raveled here.

Now onto my WIPs. First, my plane knitting Ishbel in Malabrigo Lace (this is not the best pic of it, colorwise or otherwise, but it’s the only one I have):

I only really work on it when I need a stockinette project, so not too much progress on that.

Remember the yarn I won? Well it’s becoming a lace shawl of my own design. I’m designing it for a friend as a Christmas/going away/birthday present. Hopefully I get it done in time to block it when I’m home for Thanksgiving!

And lastly, I’m working on some mittens for my friend Kristin, who is super enthusiastic and gets excited every time she thinks about me making her mittens. I love knitting for those who appreciate it! I started the first mitten last night, and you can see the pattern in the background (it’s from KnitPicks).

I promise to try to blog more in the future! Hopefully my schedule will be less hectic in the next few weeks!

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