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February 13, 2009

New blog!!!!!

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Hiya there kiddos! This is my first entry on my new blog (on my new website!!!). I wanted another knitting blog so I could connect more with knitters and launch my designs in a more personal way. I already have one free pattern (Katie Hat, which will be linked in the sidebar as soon as I get to it) and am in the process of designing even more.

Here’s a bit about me: My name is Allison Cohen, I’m 19 years old and I go to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. I’ve been obsessed with knitting since I was 14 (I learned at age 11). I also dabble in crochet (my mom is the crochet expert in my family). I looooove socks (both knitting them and wearing them). Obviously, I also love parentheses (you must have seen this coming).

For the non-knitting bit, here’s what you might want to know: I’m obsessed with reading and writing, and I’d love to write a book and have it published someday. I’ve written two books for NaNoWriMo, and I might do it again next year. I constantly have a lot of ideas flowing around in my head (hence my constant startitis). My other interests include politics, movies, tv, food, singing, dancing, and laughing a lot. I’m generally a fun person to be around adobe photoshop cs5 full!

If you’re interested, my old blog (which has about 5 entries) is acoknits.blogspot.com. I haven’t updated it since last year, so don’t expect any juicy details.

But enough about me…I feel so narcissistic when I write things like this. I’ll leave you with this AMAZING video that my roommate made. She’s an expert baker (which makes me happy, since I get to eat the delicious treats!) and she entered the Ace of Cakes YouTube challenge and made the Top 12. I helped film a bit of the video, so I feel so proud of it (and her!) for doing so well. Also, I had a bit of the cake, and it was amazing!

Until next time, stay delicious!

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