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February 19, 2009

WIP update (lots of pics!)

Recently, I’ve realized that I have waaaaay too many WIPs hanging around. My goal for this year is to finish as many as possible and refrain from giving in to my startitis. Here are a couple of my WIPs with a little progress report:

1. The Blankie
Here it is in its entirety. I started this about a year ago and am still in love with it. I’m well aware that I’m going to have to have at least 450 squares total (I’m at 50 now…so that’s a long way to go). I got involved with a bunch of swaps, so hopefully soon I’ll be getting more 5 gram balls of sock yarn to use. I already got some Pagewood Farms mill ends that I loved from Yarn Expressions last week. Here are some closeups:

blankie 3

2. Crocheted Sock Yarn Blanket
Yeah, I know I rip on crochet a lot, but it’s a great way to use up your odds and ends. This blankie has a specific color palette of blue, green, black, purple, and occasionally yellow and brown. I’m hoping to get it done soon, because it matches my bedspread in my dorm.

3. Spring Forward Socks (in Shibui Knits Sock Yarn)
These are for SKA January Challenge on Ravelry. I have to get them finished by the end of the month to count learn more. I’m still chugging along on sock number 1, but I feel like if I try to work on them exclusively, they will get finished by next week. Here’s a not-so-great pic of the lace pattern:
spring forward

4. Tulips Baby Sweater (in Dream in Color Classy)
I bought this kit over the summer at Knitty City. I had a sudden urge to cast on a baby sweater for no reason, so I started this. I love how cute the pattern is and can’t wait to have it done! In the picture you can see the raglan shaping for the armholes.

5. All You Need is Gloves (in Louet Gems Pearl)
Gloves I’m designing with a heart motif. Nothing much on these yet, but I love the corrugated rib cuff.

6. Entrelove Socks (in Knitterly Things Vesper Sock)
Entrelac socks that I’m designing for the SKA February Challenge. I’m going to either frog and restart or rip out the entrelac because I don’t like how it looks. But these will be done!

Now, these WIPs aren’t a complete picture of my knitty life. I didn’t take pictures of things I haven’t had much progress on lately (::cough::Silver Belle::cough::) or aren’t working on at present moment. But I’m hoping I can make some more progress on all my WIPs so that I can cast on new projects without feeling a pang of guilt for what I’ve done.

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