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April 8, 2009

Socks are a dangerous thing

Honestly, my addiction to sock knitting is waaaay out of control. But I can’t help myself. At least socks are portable and useful!
I finished my Coriolis socks last week. They are raveled here with all the details!

I’m now working on my Under the Sea socks. I’m past the heel on number one, and I actually like how the short row heel came out. I used Cat Bordhi’s wrap and turn method and it concealed the wraps beautifully!

I’m also making a pair of knee highs in Regia Nation, which stripes wonderfully.

I’ve done a little bit of work on my Fern Stitch socks as well, but not enough to warrant a picture. For my non-sock project, I’m still happily plugging away on Kiri. It’s probably the best beginner shawl because it’s so intuitive. I’m looking forward to pinning it out and seeing the gorgeous lace!

I’ve ordered more laceweight yarn so I can make some more shawls-oh great, another addiction!

March 25, 2009

Knitting Just as Fast as I Can!

So, as the last entry said, I’ve caught the mitered square bug. I can’t stop. Today I had to force myself to work on my Coriolis:

Look, almost done with number one! I’ll finish these tonight and cast on number two. I want them done by next week, but that might not be possible.

And here are my Under the Sea socks, which I can’t work on because the needle is broken (Kollage is sending me a new one and told me how to try to fix this one with superglue buy levitra uk. I might try it anyway):

You can’t see the lace well in this, but the color is so pretty that I had to share.

But my heart really belongs to this:

It’s going to go on a different size bed, so that’s why it looks so huge on my tiny dorm bed. But I love it to death, even though it’s difficult to work on since it’s so huge (I’m only doing 31 sts at a time, but the actual blanket makes me hot when I knit on it).

Soon there’s going to be a fun pattern release over here at A.Co Knits. Get excited!!!

March 9, 2009

Knitting right along

Being home is very conducive to my knitting. I’ve gotten so much done that the pictures I took yesterday are completely outdated. Here’s my progress:


I’m about 2 feet into this and I’ve only been knitting it for less than a week. Since scarves should generally be the same length as the owner’s height, and I’m making it for my mom, I’ve only got about 3 feet left to go. This weekend we’re doing a car trip to DC, so it should be done after that!


I haven’t worked on this in a couple days, but it’s still moving fast. But then again, right now it’s just a stockinette sock. I love the colors (the picture is a bit untrue to the actual colors, so when there’s better light I’ll take a nicer one).

Entrelac Dream Socks:

I’ve already started the heel flap on these. I’m not sure how much yarn I’ll have left for sock number two, and my scale is at school, so I’m being safe and giving them a short leg (about 4 inches). I’m going to feel pretty stupid when I have a lot of yarn left over, but better safe than sorry.

If I finish all of these projects by Spring Break, I’ll be super happy! Also I can get started on my Loopy Ewe sock club sock, which is gorgeous (I can’t stop touching the yarn. Really. It’s getting a bit creepy.), but I’m being good and holding my startitis at bay for now (also I’m dreading winding the yarn without my swift, which is locked in my dorm room).

And tomorrow I might break my yarn diet…but we won’t talk about that for now.

March 5, 2009

Knitting away

I don’t have any pictures to show (I’m lazy, and it’s midterms week) but I’ll update you on my progress anyway. I’ve started working on a new pair of socks (Coriolis, raveled here with no pictures yet) and a scarf-sized Clapotis (raveled here, but no pictures yet either) out of the Panera colored yarn from our Staten Island Knitters holiday part grab bag. I’m really liking both projects. I’m also still working on my Entrelove socks, which have been renamed Entrelac Dream Socks, because I’m using the name Entrelove for the crocheted wrap my mom and I designed. And I’ve also been working on my Sock Yarn Blankie as well as some charity projects with leftovers.

Tomorrow I leave Vassar for spring break, and I have a feeling that while I’m at home, I’ll break my yarn diet hardcore. There are some projects I want to buy the yarn for/I’m really needing a yarn fix right about now. Also, my first installment of The Loopy Ewe Sock Club is en route to my house. How exciting! And I’ll be heading down to DC for a weekend, so there will definitely be some LYS perusing during that trip. I just can’t help myself! But I’ve been very good with using up stash, so I feel like I deserve a little reward!

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