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November 23, 2009

Pre-Turkey Knitting!

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So, here’s a quick update on my pre-Thanksgiving knitting progress (I don’t eat turkey, but that doesn’t stop me from calling it Turkey Day!):
First, the shawl I am making for my friend Leslie. It is coming along, slowly but surely (it’s way bigger than my Ishbel though!) and I’m about to start on the lace edging. I hope to get the pattern up for sale before Christmas!

I’m really hoping to block this while I’m home for Thanksgiving, since Leslie will be able to see if I block it in my room!

Now on to-what else-socks! I’m working steadily on my Magic Mirror socks, seen here lounging on my chair:

I’ve also re-cast on my Leyburn socks in STR Mediumweight. I haven’t done a lot on them (with the other knitting going on) but here they are for posterity:

I’m working on other things too, but I haven’t made enough progress to take pictures of them/the pictures are the same from the last blog post. Anyway, here’s something funny for y’all: I knitted my friend a pair of shorts from crazy thick acrylic yarn. One of my friends knitted one leg, I knitted the other, and then I put them together to create this:

My male friend actually was good enough to wear them while we were playing a game of sardines (sort of the opposite of hide and seek) in the library. Sadly, since I finished them about five minutes before the game began (and I didn’t weave in the ends properly), they started to come apart, and he had to turn the shorts into a vest:

The funny thing is, he didn’t even get strange looks from passersby! I guess Vassar is so weird that people in knitted booty shorts fit in perfectly.

Hopefully I’ll have an FO or two next time I blog!

November 8, 2009

It’s been a long time

To be honest, I should have blogged earlier, but I’ve been busy. First I went to Spain and Amsterdam (you should see the handcrafting in Amsterdam! I wanted to buy a quilt sooo badly! But instead I bought some yarn) and then I came home for the craziest Halloween ever (I had a party in my dorm, visited my friend at Moravian College in PA, and then ended up at home for a night). And this week has not been calm either. So finally, I am able to sit down and recount all the knitting I have done recently (expect a lot of pictures).

First, before I left for Spain, I finished these socks:

They are the SKA September Mystery Socks (aka Fox Faces) that had to be done in yellow (Pagewood Farms Yukon). They have a Dutch heel, which is interesting but fits my heel pretty well. All in all, I was pleased with them. Raveled here.

Then, I finished my Phoebus Apollo socks in Bugga! from the Loopy Ewe sock club. Needless to say, I love the yarn, though the pattern was not stretchy enough on the leg, so I ended it early and made it shorter (also I knew the recipient would like that better). Raveled here.

Last night I finished my first Christmas/holiday/birthday in December present! It’s for my friend Katie, who is a Geology major.

It’s a trilobite! Here’s a closup:

This hat pattern was quick and not too hard to do (there was cabling and bobbles, but the chart is clear and easy to read). Raveled here.

Now onto my WIPs. First, my plane knitting Ishbel in Malabrigo Lace (this is not the best pic of it, colorwise or otherwise, but it’s the only one I have):

I only really work on it when I need a stockinette project, so not too much progress on that.

Remember the yarn I won? Well it’s becoming a lace shawl of my own design. I’m designing it for a friend as a Christmas/going away/birthday present. Hopefully I get it done in time to block it when I’m home for Thanksgiving!

And lastly, I’m working on some mittens for my friend Kristin, who is super enthusiastic and gets excited every time she thinks about me making her mittens. I love knitting for those who appreciate it! I started the first mitten last night, and you can see the pattern in the background (it’s from KnitPicks).

I promise to try to blog more in the future! Hopefully my schedule will be less hectic in the next few weeks!

May 11, 2009

It’s been a while

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Today was a very knitty day. My charity knitting group (which I’m going to be the president of next semester!) had Knit for Peace Day, where we were supposed to be knitting for Heifer International. Not too many people showed up, so we just ended up knitting on the quad. Then, tonight my friends and I watched Back to the Future while knitting. My roommate is attempting to knit Cherie Amour, which I am assisting her with. Here’s a photo of her in action:

Also, I never posted an FO post for my Under the Sea socks, but I feel like it’s kind of unnecessary, since I hated them so much. Here they are:

I’m now working on two pairs of socks and a shawl for my mother. The first sock is a heavily modded Fern Stitch sock from More Sensational Knitted Socks. The second is Kiila, the SKA Mystery Sock. And the shawl is Kiri, which is almost done!

And here’s a close up of Kiri:

Next time I’ll blog about the garter stitch short row heel (no holes!) and the mini gusset!

April 8, 2009

Socks are a dangerous thing

Honestly, my addiction to sock knitting is waaaay out of control. But I can’t help myself. At least socks are portable and useful!
I finished my Coriolis socks last week. They are raveled here with all the details!

I’m now working on my Under the Sea socks. I’m past the heel on number one, and I actually like how the short row heel came out. I used Cat Bordhi’s wrap and turn method and it concealed the wraps beautifully!

I’m also making a pair of knee highs in Regia Nation, which stripes wonderfully.

I’ve done a little bit of work on my Fern Stitch socks as well, but not enough to warrant a picture. For my non-sock project, I’m still happily plugging away on Kiri. It’s probably the best beginner shawl because it’s so intuitive. I’m looking forward to pinning it out and seeing the gorgeous lace!

I’ve ordered more laceweight yarn so I can make some more shawls-oh great, another addiction!

March 30, 2009

Startitis rears its ugly head

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Thanks to everyone for the great response to the Entrelove Wrap! I’ve already sold a couple patterns and hopefully soon people will start making them and posting pictures (I think it’s so cool when other people make my patterns!).

So, a few days ago, I told myself that this would be the Year of Finishing. Yet somehow, I have started a lace shawl and plan to start a couple new socks within the next week. Startitis is making me break my promise to myself, but I guess I’m such an ADD knitter that I simply need to have hundreds of projects going at the same time.

The lace shawl in question is Kiri, and I’m using the Dream in Color Baby that I just got in the mail today (Sonny and Shear was having a sale on all Dream in Color yarns, which are my favorite, so I decided to buy this):

It’s more wine color-y in person (flash will do that to ya!) and it is completely gorgeous. I’m loving the lace, which is weird considering how I usually don’t like lacy-type stuff.

I also bought some Cascade 220 for my Manchester Jacket:

I guess you could say I went on a yarn-buying binge, but honestly, I was planning on buying yarn for that jacket for months and the Baby was on sale. So not really a binge. Maybe just a slip-up. But I’ve been pretty good about using up stash, since I’ve used up about 1000 yards this month. So buying more isn’t exactly terrible…plus it was kind of a “congratulations” gift for myself after getting the pattern published.

Hopefully next time I blog I will have at least one FO to brag about…

March 26, 2009

Exciting News!

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The crochet pattern I designed with my mom, the Entrelove Wrap, is now for sale! This is my first pattern that I’m offering for sale, and I’m so proud of all the work my mom and I have done. The pattern itself has an illustrated tutorial of how to do the stitches, so even if you’re new to Tunisian crochet, you should be able to follow this pattern www.sfa.univ-savoie.fr!

You may recognize it from the banner at the top of my page:

This wrap uses Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn to achieve the color variations, but you could easily substitute any other self-striping fingering weight yarns or a worsted weight if you wished. This could also be adapted to be a scarf or a blanket too http://viagrain..professional/!

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